We integrate your unique vision and our skill sets into furniture designs that exhibit beauty and durability. Commissioned projects are our specialty. Our current services include custom fit furniture and built-in projects for the home, office and everywhere else.  We are licensed with the State of Alaska as a Finish Carpentry Specialty Contractor.  We are also bonded and insured.


PO Box 1463
Girdwood, AK 99587
(907) 382-0700

Wood is sourced primarily from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved suppliers (unless otherwise specified by the customer) and all waste is recycled or utilized for other projects or firewood. Reclaimed and recycled mediums are integrated into projects as much as possible if they are available and coincide with your needs.

Your custom piece is brought from idea to reality through communication. Creative freedom on our part is welcomed but we feel the best way for you to enjoy your new piece is to contribute your self-expression throughout the design and build process. Give us a call, send us an email or nudge us in the social media world to get the process started.

  • The CFDLD
  • The MEL Dining Table
  • The Skondo Bench
  • The GEO Railing
  • The ACBunk Bed
  • The Skondo Kitchen Shelf
  • The MSR Table
  • The RoJo Book Shelf #1
  • The JSR Stairway
  • The JKB Bed
  • The Gerrish Library Benches
  • The Stereo Stand
  • The GBC Bar
  • The T&T Corner Cabinet
  • The T&T Entry Bench
  • The MR Nook
  • The TTQP Ladder
  • The TDX Table Frame
  • The AlaCO Dining Nook
  • The Shanner Nook
  • The RiWo Bench
  • The Custom X Bench
  • The BranCro Bench
  • The JLW Side Table
  • The CynStro Vanity
  • The AMM Entry Bench
  • The DS Dining Nook
  • The JSC Dining Table
  • The AMM Breakfast Nook
  • The Wrig Vanity
  • The MM Dining Table
  • The Entry Bench with Umbrella Holder
  • The Shuffleboard Desk
  • The DH Vanity
  • The PaM Side Tables
  • The Easel TV Stand
  • The Entry Bench
  • The Farmhouse Vanity
  • The J Sprat Tables
  • The Bamboo Bed Frame
  • The Girdwood Fire Department Dining Table and Benches
  • The Moheeler Spiral Staircase
  • The JLH Barstools
  • The PaM Dining Table
  • Kiddie Loft Built-in
  • FoQ Console Table Set
  • SDJ Midcentury Modern Desk
  • AJ&S Banquette
  • The Console Table
  • The Ironing Board
  • The Waterfall Corner Shelf #2
  • The Slim Side Table
  • The Double Round Side Table
  • The Picnic Shelf
  • The TV Stand
  • The Bent Bench
  • The Shinto Bench
  • The Morg$ Mantle
  • The Futon
  • The Bathroom Stand
  • The Spindle Table
  • The Mock-up Chair
  • The Ladder Back
  • The Cabinet Table
  • The Cabinet Side Table
  • The French Table
  • The French Table Deuce
  • The Plant Stand